24 Track Recording Studio in Indianapolis

Playground Productions Studio, recording studio in Indianapolis, has 3 rooms dedicated to recording: a 1000 sq ft room, a 400 sq ft room, and an isolation room. Our recording studio is currently setup to record 24 tracks simultaneously. Recording artists have access to a variety of microphone brands at our recording studio, such as Sontronics, Audio Technica, Blue, Neumann, Marshall, Audix and Shure.

Contact the Playground today if you are interested in recording.

Book a Free 30-Minute Tour of the Venue

Tours are available Monday, from 11am-2:30pm, Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-4:30pm and Friday from 11am-5:30pm.

Recording Rates

Session Rate

  • $60 per hour
  • 50 percent of total due at booking
  • Remaining balance due upon arrival
  • By appointment only, Tuesday-Sunday
  • 24 hours notice required to book

Mastering Rate

  • $60 per hour (if you recorded at our studio)
  • $75 per hour (if you DID NOT record at our studio)

Up to 2 hours of recording time you paid for but didn’t use can be applied to mastering or refunded.

IMPORTANT: Any overbooked time of 2 or more hours will not be refunded or applied towards mastering.

Live Concert Recording with Audience

Playground Productions Studio offers 24 track live recording in front of an audience of up to 75 people in our a 1000+ square foot Blue Room. Clients have the option to charge a cover/door fee for guests.

  • $350
    • Includes load in, 30-60 minutes sound check, up to 70 minutes of recording, up to 30 minutes to tear down and a cash bar for your guests.
    • Bands will be charged $85 for any time going over 70 minutes and for each additional hour.

Live Studio Sessions, Video & Audio

Playground Productions Studios and 40fi Creations have partnered and are offering a Music Video Series and Live Studio Album. Recording sessions take place in our large 1000+ sq ft Blue Room. The video series is created by a professional videographer and a senior audio engineer will record and mix your album.

Artists and groups will have the opportunity for playtime on Southern California based online radio station, Lucky Star Radio. Your music will be streamed all over the world!

Contact us if you are interested!

Lucky Star Radio

Partnership with Lucky Star Radio

All artists that record with Playground Productions Studio will have the opportunity to get radio play on the Los Angeles area online station Lucky Star Radio. In return, Lucky Star requests that artists share and promote their station via social media.