Virtual Tour of Playground Productions Studio

Check out our virtual tour video to see a visual of the Playground and if our rental spaces meet your rental needs.

We are also available for in-person tours Monday from 11am-3pm, and Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-4pm. 

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a tour or to ask questions about our space, we are happy to help! If you’d like to see more of the studio, please see our photo galleries.

Virtual Tour Text Companion

Upon entering the studio, you will see the 12 Bar Blues Bar & Gallery. This room is included in all of our Event Rental options and also available to use as a Gallery space/exhibit, as it is equipped with grates and walls for hanging art. The 12 Bar Blues Bar is always open for events with bartenders to serve your guests during your event or rental. Visit the Venue & Event Rental page for Rental options.

As you exit the 12 Bar Blues Bar & Gallery, you enter into our 1000 sq ft Blue Room with 12 ft ceilings. The Blue Room is a multi-purpose space used for event space, creative space, live streams, large art exhibits, and rehearsal/tour setup space. This room is included in all the Small & Large Event Rentals.

Next on the tour is our Orange Room*. The Orange Room is also a multi-purpose space used for rehearsals & production needs and additional event space. The Orange Room is included in our Large Event Rental to be used as additional event or gallery space, or as a green room/backstage area. Visit the Venue & Event Rental page to learn more about the event packages.

Last space you enter on the virtual tour is our Isolation Room. This spacious 7×9 room is used to record soloists, duos, and trios, and is larger than your typical isolation booth in other studios. We are also able to provide this room as a private dressing room for events if needed.

The tour ends back where we started, in the 12 Bar Blues Bar & Gallery. Please contact us if you need more information or have any questions; we are happy to help.

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Our Studio

Scroll over a photo below to see a photo of each individual space and read a small description.

1000 Sq Ft Blue Room

Our Blue Room is ideal for larger events and rehearsals. It is also used for live recordings, live sessions, and more.

400 Sq Ft Orange Room

Our 400 sq ft Orange Room is used for rehearsals, additional event space for large events, workshops, classes, and more.

12 Bar Blues Art Gallery & Cash Bar

Our 12 Bar Blues Room houses an art gallery, a cash bar, and is also used as a social gathering place for small and large events.

Isolation Room

Our 7×9 isolation room is used for recording soloists, duos, and trios, and larger than most typical isolation booths. The isolation booth is also used for solo rehearsals/lessons room.

Events Hosted by the Playground

Check out the photos below to see our studio in action!