Playground Productions Studio: Recording & Rehearsal Studio, Event Venue

Playground Productions Studio is a recording & rehearsal studio located on the east side of Indianapolis. The studio is housed within the Coal Factory in Historic Irvington and owned/operated by Adam Riviere.

We are the only studio in town to offer 24/7/365 rehearsal space rentals, which allows you to be creative on your time.

Services we offer include venue rentaldjembe repairdrum circlesCD & DVD duplication and printingaudio transfersmusic lessonsschool music & culture presentationspro audio training and an art gallery with 300 sq ft of wall space.

Our Rehearsal & Recording Facility

We feature an ample 3000+ square foot facility used for recording, rehearsal, events, and more, featuring several spaces with a variety of uses for the arts:

1000 sq ft Blue Room

Our Blue Room is an 1000+ square foot open space with 12 foot ceilings built for live performance, recording, rehearsals and large events. Learn More.

400 sq ft Orange Room

Our Orange Room is a 400 square foot soundproof room used for rehearsal and recording and educational purposes (workshops & classes), as well as event space. Learn More.

Large Event Floor PlanOur venue is also available for rent for public & private events, rehearsals and various purposes. We have 4 venue rental options to choose from. We also feature a load-in garage.

12 Bar Blues Bar & Gallery

Our 12 Bar Blues Rooms is a 400 square foot room used for exhibits and during events, featuring a wine and beer cash bar and Art Gallery with 300 square feet of wall space

Book a Rehearsal

Book a rehearsal for your band or group in our Orange Room or Blue Room. Our entire rehearsal facility is also available for rent for clients that need more space or require a private rental.

Rent Our Venue

Are you looking for a high quality, reasonably priced venue for your small or large event, such as a party, live concert, ? We have four venue rental options suitable for all budgets!


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