Playground Productions Studio: Recording & Rehearsal Studio, Event Venue

Playground Productions Studio is a recording & rehearsal studio located on the east side of Indianapolis. The studio is housed within the Coal Factory in Historic Irvington and owned/operated by Adam Riviere.

We offer year round rehearsal space rentals, as well as 24/7/365 access for regular clients and members, which allows you to be creative on your time.

Our rental spaces includes rehearsal rentals, class/workshop/creative space rentals, venue and event rentals, wedding venue rentals, live stream venue rentals, and art gallery rentals.

Other services we offer include djembe repairdrum circlesCD & DVD duplicationaudio/data transfersmusic lessonsschool music & culture presentations, and pro audio training.

Our Rehearsal & Recording Facility

We feature an ample 3000+ square foot facility used for recording, rehearsal, events, and more, featuring several spaces with a variety of uses for the arts:

Our Blue Room is an 1000+ square foot open space with 12 foot ceilings built for live performance, recording, rehearsals, classes/workshops/creative space, and large events. Learn More.

Our Orange Room is a 400 square foot soundproof room used for rehearsal and recording, as well as event space. Learn More.

Our venue is also available for rent for public & private events, rehearsals and various purposes. We have 4 venue rental options to choose from. We also feature a load-in garage.

Our 12 Bar Blues Rooms is a 400 square foot room used for exhibits and during events, featuring a wine and beer cash bar and Art Gallery with 300 square feet of wall space

Book a Rehearsal

Book a rehearsal for your band or group in our Orange Room or Blue Room. Our entire rehearsal facility is also available for rent for clients that need more space or require a private rental.​

Rent Our Venue

Are you looking for a high quality, reasonably priced venue for your small or large event, such as a party, live concert, ? We have four venue rental options suitable for all budgets!​

OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE (Updated October 2020)

ALL SERVICES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting walk-ins for recordings, studio tours, or for any other studio services.

You must wear a mask inside the studio per state mask mandate:

  • Rehearsals: mask must be worn at all times by all renters/members when outside of the rehearsal room.
  • Recordings: mask must be worn at all times when client(s) is not in a recording booth/room.
  • Studio Tours, Venue Rental, Live Streams, Private Lessons: mask must be worn at all times.

Events & Venue Rentals:

  • We are accepting venue rental bookings for private gatherings of 50 and under or live stream concerts (under 10 people). We will continue to adhere to state and city guidelines in terms of capacity and safety measures.

Rehearsal Rentals, Recordings, & Private lessons:

  • Rehearsals: Rehearsals are back to being offered 24/7 (for repeat clients only).
  • Recordings: Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00am-7:00pm (by appointment only). Call to book on Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Private lessons can be conducted in person at studio or via Skype.

Studio Tours:

  • Studio tours are being booked. Monday: 11am-2:30pm, Tuesday: 11am-4:30pm, & Wednesday: 11am-4:30pm

Cleaning & Safety Measures

  • Only the parties recording, rehearsing or renting venue shall be present. Private lessons are to be one-on-one if in person.
  • Individuals showing symptoms will not be permitted in the studio.
  • Spaces will be sanitized before and after clients visit the studio.
  • Hand soap is provided in our restroom (unfortunately, we have no hand sanitizer). We kindly ask clients to wash their hands before and after their visit.
  • Staff will wear masks when interacting with clients.
  • We kindly ask everyone practice social distancing
  • Mandatory masks for staff and all who enter studio.
  • Office hours will be limited.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.
We wish everyone good health and well-being.


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