Venue Rental & Live Stream Terms & Conditions

Venue & Event Rental | Live Stream Rental Terms & Conditions 

*We require a copy of renter’s license or ID at the time rental is accessed.


  • 7 days notice is required to cancel or reschedule your venue rental.
  • In order to not lose your fees and be eligible to reschedule, Renter MUST reach us verbally with a call or voicemail to be eligible for any applicable refund. Cancellations/Rescheduling requests will not be accepted via email or text.

LATE POLICY: Any time late is time lost. You will still be expected to vacate the premises at your scheduled end time unless additional time is purchased. If additional time is needed, it must be purchased per our hourly rental rate.


Renter is responsible for any or all of the following equipment if utilized or equipment indicated on contract. If any negligent damage occurs or items are stolen or missing, Renter is responsible to repair damaged equipment and/or replace missing or stolen equipment.
• Chairs, tables, mixer console, speakers, drum kit, cymbals, guitar amp, microphones, stands and cables.


  • No alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto premises or sold by clients or their guests. No illegal substances are allowed on premises and smoking/vaping is not permitted inside the studio.
  • If serving food or non-alcoholic beverages, disposable table/server ware must be provided by client.
  • If a cash bar is in operation during rental, Renter is not entitled to any portion of alcohol sales, nor may Renter sell/serve alcohol.
  • Renter is expected to return the areas used to prior state of cleanliness. Excess messes will result in a $175 cleaning fee and any item removal will result in a $125 per item fee.


  • No public WiFi. Password will only be provided to renter if required for payment transactions (Square, Stripe, etc), or if Renter requires internet access to operate an aspect of event.
  • Nails, pins, wire or tape may not be used to supply decorations to any building surfaces.
  • Smoke effects, explosives or pyrotechnics are not permitted inside or outside building. Only flameless candles are permitted inside the studio.
  • Use of confetti and glitter are not permitted on PPS premises.
  • PPS will not be held responsible for any items left after a rental.

Renter claims responsibility for the payment of rent to PPS for the use of agreed upon space. Renter is 18 years of age and hereby releases PPS from any and all claims or liability due to personal injury or loss of property which Renter or their attendees may sustain as a result of participating in any activity at PPS. Renter claims responsibility for any damages to the facility that may occur during Renter’s rental.

NOTE: Renter is under video surveillance at all times during rental.

The terms and fees outlined here may not be disclosed with third parties. Any breach or violation of this agreement shall be addressed in a court of competent jurisdiction in the federal or state courts.