Recording Session Terms & Conditions

Recording Terms & Conditions


1. Half of the total is due immediately as deposit. Balance is due the day of event, prior to scheduled start time. If payment is not received on arrival, Client will lose session and deposit.
2. Please try to avoid overbooking, as we will only refund any paid time 2 hours or under. Also, unused time 2 hours or under can be applied towards our mastering services if client chooses.


Temporary Policy: due to COVID-19, ALL SALES ARE FINAL

  • Cancellations must be received via telephone at 317-678-7529 in order to receive any applicable refunds. If PPS does not answer, please leave a detailed voicemail.
  • Every minute late is time lost, this includes returning from breaks as well.


  • Recorded tracks will be released when and if full balance is paid.
  • Mastered tracks or mixes will be released as client has paid for them per our mastering rates.


  • Engineer is entitled to a 15 minute break for every 2 hours worked and a 1 hour break for every 4 hours worked. Client is not charged for these break times.
  • The clock does not stop for smoke breaks or other interruptions.
  • Clean up any mess or trash in the area you have recorded, this includes messes or trash left by your guests, or else you will be billed a $175 cleaning fee.
  • Use alcoholic beverages at your own risk. If any damage is caused to equipment by food or drink, you are responsible for repairing/replacing damaged equipment. If you become too impaired by alcohol to finish your session or you cause any disruptions due to impairment, you will be asked to leave, deposit will be retained and no refunds will be given. Authorities will be contacted if alcohol consumption results in conduct that is deemed incompatible with the general comfort and welfare of the studio, staff and/or others in studio.


If a client qualifies, any applicable refund will be processed by PPS in 24-48 hours and dependent upon banking institution, it could take an additional 3-5 business days to process.

Renter is 18 years of age and hereby releases PPS from any and all claims or liability due to personal injury or loss of property which client or their attendees may sustain as a result of participating in any activity at PPS. Client claims responsibility for any damages to the facility that may occur while on the premises.

NOTE: Client is under video surveillance at all times during rental.

The terms and fees outlined here may not be disclosed with third parties. Any breach or violation of this agreement shall be addressed in a court of competent jurisdiction in the federal or state courts.