Drum Circles & Djembe Repair

Drum Circles & Djembe Repair

Playground Productions Studio in Indianapolis offers several different types of drum circles, catering to your specific needs. All drums will be provided by Playground Productions Studio and Tycoon Percussion. Prices vary due to group size and distance traveled.

We also offer djembe repair and maintenance, as well as other animal skin drums. Most djembe repairs have a 2-5 day turnaround, unless additional parts need to be ordered or unexpected circumstances cause a longer delay. All djembe repair and drum repair is done in house. Clients must drop-off and pick-up repairs at our location during office hours. Please note repairs cannot be done same day and we will provide you with an approximate pick-up date and time.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about holding your circle in Indianapolis at our studio or at your Indy-area location or for djembe repair inquiries and quotes.

Types of Drum Circles We Provide

Community Circle

Community circles are great for beginner drummers and non-professional drummers. Rhythms and technique are basic and easy with these types of circles. This is an ideal drum circle for a neighborhood, party or any type of gathering or celebration.

Team Building Circle

Team building circles provide high-impact learning, increase communications, and overall improve morale and productivity. This is an ideal drum circle for a small to medium sized business.

School Program Circle

School program circles are a fantastic way to familiarize students with music and culture, as well as teach them some basic fundamentals of hand drumming.

Custom Circles

If none of the drum circles on this page fit your needs, please contact us and discuss your drum circle vision. Our studio will do our best to create the type of drum circle you desire.

Djembe Repair Packages

Restore Package, Starts at $80

  • Professional reheading
    • Does not include price of the head. Head must be provided by client but we can suggest retailers. Heads range from $30-$60.
  • Repair of minor shell cracks and splits
  • Oiling of shell
  • Tuning
  • Rings replacement, additional $30 for all three rings or $10 per ring

Basic Package, Starts at $30

  • Tuning
  • Drum head care
  • Shell care and inspection
    • Repair of minor shell cracks and splits
    • Oiling of shell